Online meetings have many advantages especially in the increasingly online world. Meetings that are online save time for everyone involved. Participants can attend the meeting without leaving their desks, or even eat. They don’t have to print documents or connect to an AV system or pack up. They can also choose to turn off their phones during the meeting in case they need to take a short break or check their email.

Another benefit of online meetings is that they are generally more punctual than in-person meetings. It could be because participants don’t need to rush to the bathroom before making their calls or worry about their attire. It could be because they can choose from a wide range of places that meet their needs, such as their homes, cafes or even the beach.

Furthermore, online meetings can help companies save money. When a company holds a meeting in-person it has to cover the cost of the room and refreshments. This is not the case with online meetings.

However, there are certain disadvantages to online meetings that shouldn’t be ignored. For instance, it may be difficult to keep the attention of participants during a meeting when they cannot see each faces. This can result in people checking their emails or social media during a meeting, which is not conducive to a productive session. Meetings on the internet do not permit the same level of communication, as people can’t read body language or non-verbal cues during a meeting.