If you work in private equity, you know how much information is needed to analyze and conclude deals. The most effective software for the closing of a PE transaction is usually connected to third-party services that offer information and tools for due diligence. It will also assist in tracking and report on the performance of the deal following the investment.

A central system for private equity deals is crucial for managing investor relations, monitoring and analyzing read the full info here the performance of portfolio companies, and consolidating fund accounting all in one location. The right solution can automate workflows and provide a defensible source of truth for all the data that is required to conduct due diligence.

Up until recently, the most prominent PE firms relied on Excel spreadsheets and their internal systems for tracking companies, contacts and activities. This resulted in failures and missed opportunities to secure deals. To solve this problem there was a second wave of industry-specific software companies created products that are geared towards managing and automating private equity deal flows. These are primarily CRM solutions that feature a focus on relationship intelligence (e.g., leveraging information from job changes, social media updates, and industry news). Examples of this type of software include Navatar, Affinity, Altvia and a myriad of others.

To choose the right software for your company, think about how simple it will be to implement and use. Think about whether the software will be compatible with other tools that your team could use to accomplish their work, such as calendaring, email collaboration and project management tools, or even financial applications. Compare prices, features and reviews and integrations, using the resources on this page.