Spyware poses a real threat to your computer. This malware hidden in your computer can record all your online activities and gather your personal information. It is then given to a hacker who could use the information to steal anything from your identity to stealing your personal information or even gaining control over your device. There are a myriad of ways you might suspect you’re dealing with spyware: web browsing is slowing down and pop-up advertisements are popping up on your screen or websites redirect you to a different destination, passwords and financial details are being emailed away from your computer, or bizarre emails are being delivered to your contacts.

Fortunately, there are no cost anti-spyware windows 10 software you can download to find and eliminate this hidden danger. You can also use an entire suite of premium antivirus software to provide comprehensive protection.

Microsoft offers a free antivirus program known as Windows Defender which works in Windows 10, 8.1 and 11. It does not include real-time protection, but it is good to scan folders and files, and the latest updates are released frequently.

Other highly-rated spyware removal software are Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware, and Norton Power Eraser. Both of these programs are highly reviewed by independent testing labs. The latter program is designed to identify deeply ingrained malware threats that other programs may miss.

Another excellent spyware detection and removal tool is EEK It is both a regular application that has an interface for users, as well as an application for command line that you can use for automated or batch scanning. One of its distinctive characteristics is that it can detect and scan a wide range of archive types, including CAB and ZIP files, which other scanners don’t support.