M&A can help you reach your goals regardless of whether a strategic imperative pushes you to expand or sell, or a market decline calls for a change of strategy. We can guide you through the myriad aspects of M&A transactions.

In our recent survey of global C-suite executives the percentage of executives who have a moderate or high appetite for M&A has more than doubled since the beginning of July 2021. We believe that deal activity is likely to rebound. But there are still several challenges – both nationally and globally – that could affect M&A activity in the near future.

Inflation and the challenges it presents to borrowing is at its peak, and will inevitably slow M&A. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine as well as the instability of commodity prices can also dampen M&A. However, these factors are likely to lose momentum in the near future.

M&A is a dynamic business that is influenced by a host of factors, including regulatory concerns and investor appetites. However, it has also shaped longer-term trends, like technological advances, changes in legislation, and preferences of investors.

We will assist you in determining the best strategy to implement your plan based on our knowledge of the complexities and challenges of global M&A. It doesn’t matter if you’re a company private equity company, private equity firm or SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) we will be there for you throughout the M&A process to help you navigate your transaction journey.

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