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According to Tim Riesterer of Corporate Visions, most B2B salespeople admit that there’s as much as 70% overlap between their solutions and their competitors. Depending upon the seller’s psychology, customers psychology, nature, types, and quality of the products the techniques of sales closing may differ. But the basics depend upon the way of talking to the customers by the seller. The above-mentioned tips and techniques for closing a sale have the great potentiality to close more deals when practiced and implemented well. Different prospects require different closing techniques, so you might need to change up your sales strategy sometimes. Here are some examples of effective sales closing techniques.

But make sure your client gets approval from legal, accounting, and other departments to sign the deal by the said period. Otherwise, you would be making an unnecessary sacrifice for sale. I know you’re going to enjoy this as much as my other clients do. In this technique, you consult the client about how much they can save or how much ROI they will get by partnering with you.


It involves letting your prospect try your product or service for a short time with the expectation that they’ll love it so much, they’ll want to keep it. You’ve selected your qualified leads and worked hard to understand their pain points. You’ve used your best sales pitch, demo or sales presentation to present a solution that will help solve their problem and move them along your sales funnel. Now it’s time to convert your prospect into a customer. When you begin conversations with your prospects, do you start talking about yourself, your organization, what you offer, your products, your services?

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Find and close more sales, like clockwork, without resorting to old school sales tactics. You can learn more about how to close over email in my interview with author and sales consultant Ian Brodie. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about how to close a sale. As long as you trust the framework, though, you’ll be making continuous progress towards closing the sale. As you can see, running through the framework is a continuous and fluid process. Sometimes, you’ll land on an appropriate solution right off the bat.

Don’t settle for a win rate that is less than 50 percent. If that is intimidating, consider the salespeople who close in the high eighties. The more time you devote to sales activities, like prospecting and meeting with contacts, the more deals you will close.

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If you’re ready to close more deals faster, better, and easier, then this training is for you . It involves purchasing the product or service and paying for it in instalments without any additional interest. Generally, the instalment price is more expensive than cash. You should spend 70% of the time listening to the prospect.

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You can use the backward closing technique when you sense that the buyer is not paying attention to you. It will help you gain back their interest by changing the flow of conversation. Salespeople usually ask for referrals at the end of the sales process or when they receive a positive NPS. Salespeople use this technique mostly during quarter ends – when they have to close their revenue/sales targets. You can get feedback about how you can tune your product or service to meet the demands of this set of customers. In this sales technique, you offer your client the possible and available options.

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To close the sales deal, a professional sales rep uses the takeaway close to show the prospect that they can let go of the deal to move on with other clients. To deal with this, focus your attention on mastering your sales pitch and presenting this in the best way possible with confidence. Ignore any pressure on things in a hurry as this can affect how you propose your business offerings to them. The ultimate goal of a sales pitch is to help increase sales in your business. When a prospect or an investor listens to your sales pitch, it should be able to convince them to purchase your products or invest in your business.

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For example, a sales presentation that works well in one circumstance may backfire in another. Your sales tactic should be as concise, effective, and compelling as possible. In most conversations, your tone changes more often, depending on the topic and who you’re talking to.

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GM, Ford strive to convince investors: no price war with Tesla.

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For potential customers or clients that say they already use a competitor, offer to give them a case study of how you helped another company similar to theirs reach a goal or solve a problem. You could also say you’d love to share with them how other customers have found success with you overusing a competitor. Avoid wasting your valuable time — or theirs — by calling the wrong people. Do your due diligence to identify potential clients or customers that are likely to benefit from and be interested in what you have to offer.

Top-performing reps spend more of their time with truly qualified prospects than they do on anything else. And that’s only possible because they’re willing to disqualify prospects. This requires a shift in mindset—a subtle but important shift where we focus more on understanding the prospect’s challenges by asking questions. Chances are there will be other decision-makers, particularly in a large B2B sale, you’re going to have a number of steps in the sales process.

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David’s Bridal Needs To Find A Buyer To Survive.

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However, knowing how and when to use them is even more important. As you progress your career in sales, you may even develop your methods. Your chance of closing a sale increases when you pick the right prospects. Use CRM to understand buyer’s intent, use the appropriate closing technique, and your numbers will go up drastically. Defending any aspect of the product/service may be a red flag for the prospect. A better approach is to highlight the values they get from your offering.

If you’re like most salespeople we train, you spend a lot of your time prospecting for new clients. You get your prospect on the phone or meet them face-to-face… As the name suggests, this closing technique involves persuading prospects to take a decision as soon as possible by creating asense of urgencyin them with a limited offer or special deal. If a prospect is unsure, it means that they have not decided yet.

Technology makes closing easier than ever

In this article, we have identified some powerful deal closing techniques, tips, and questions to ask your prospect to seal the deal. There are plenty of sales closing techniques, but the four below are the most common. Unfortunately, most salespeople are only taught how to prospect for new clients, handle objections, how to deliver a powerful sales pitch, how to close prospects, and more.

But in reality, you don’t have to convince anyone to do anything. What you need is to determine whether the prospect in front of you is, in fact, a fit for what you offer. “Closing should happen at every stage of the sales process. You’re closing for the next steps, you’re closing for meetings. That sometimes elusive, but always thrilling moment when you close a deal.


You put in the florida income tax rate and made a strong case for why your solution can alleviate the prospect’s pain points. Now that you’ve popped the question with a proposal, it’s time to find out if this prospect is ready to commit. These canned closing techniques probably seem a little old-fashioned. Perhaps they strike you as a little too “salesy,” particularly in light of the rise of inbound sales. Prospects often ask for price reductions or ad-ons because they know they have the upper hand — and they also know you expect it.

While there is an underlying formula behind the process of closing a sale, it’s as much an art form as it is a scientific process. We’re going to examine some of the top sales closing techniques, the science behind them, and the best closing questions to get your prospect to say yes. Key four to closing more sales is to become a trusted advisor. People buy from people they trust, especially in a kitchen and bath showroom where the purchasing decision often involves ripping apart one’s home. Phibbs suggests that you can build trust by using theFelt, Feel, Foundmethod.

  • When you see the techniques at work, it can’t fail to help you “get” all those ideas and strategies faster, and get a much greater understanding.
  • In addition, a compelling story can make a presentation appealing enough and inspire prospects to take action.
  • By interacting with the prospects the seller tries to make believe that he is offering a reasonable product, the value of the prodcut is fair with the price.
  • There’s nothing more important in the world of sales than closing.

Of course, you have to be very subtle – the goal is not to offend them but to ruffle their pride a little, and make them want the product more. If you are faced with the type of customer that has been focusing on the negatives and pointing out reasons why not to buy the product. This technique works best when the client shows enough signs that they are willing to buy the product, but are taking too much time deciding. What technique to use depends on how well you know the customer, how many times you’ve interacted with them, and what type of relationship you’ve built.

With this strategy to close deals, you are offering your prospect a choice between two or more options, hoping that they will choose one rather than saying no. Offering two pricing plans that suit their needs, tiered levels of service with different features, or implementation earlier vs later, for example. Many times, when it comes to handling sales, it can be difficult to remember how buyers view price. Buyers need to be sure that the product or service they are purchasing will solve the problem at hand or meet their needs.