Avast is an extremely well-known antivirus software that has top-quality features specifically created to protect you when surfing the internet. It is a highly reliable and effective solution that is easy to use. It can slow down your Mac and cause problems when it is not properly configured. If you are experiencing this issue, it’s essential to know how disable avast Web Shield on your Mac to boost performance.

Avast Web Shield is a security feature that scans data transferred when you browse the Internet to stop malware from transferring and running on your computer. It also blocks websites, and protects your computer from hackers seeking to remotely access it. It can also block malware and spyware.

The program scans programs and files in real-time when they are opened or downloaded and identifies any threats. This includes ransomware that locks your files and requires payment to unlock them, and trojans that appear as legitimate software, but actually inject malware into your system. It can identify botnets that are used to attack other computers.

It also allows you to customize the settings, including blocking certain sites and the ability to enable HTTPS scanning. The option to scan for scripts is also available which assists in preventing browsers and other applications from running potentially harmful scripts. You can also include or exclude certain MIME types or extensions for files, which can enhance performance.

Additionally, it comes with an option to warn you before downloading an application from a website. It also notifies the community of Avast users of any malware that has been detected on your device. This can help other users stay safe from malware infections or at least be aware if they are likely to download something harmful.