Malwarebytes is an excellent product, but it has some flaws that prevent it from being a good option for all users. It charges more for a single-device subscription than some of its competitors. Its also not quite as dependable as its competitors in terms of features.

Malwarebytes has numerous layers of security, including protection against ransomware, web security, adware security, and malware and PUP (potentially unwanted programs) detection and removal. It has strong real-world security capabilities. AV Comparatives tests consistently rank it as one of the top products in its class (August 2022 – October 2022).

Paid subscribers are able to access all of these features and more. They can manage the settings of the software by clicking the corkscrew icon in the bottom-right corner of their dashboard. The tab has seven sections where you can alter the program to suit your needs. These include notifications, how often and when it checks for threat intelligence updates various scan options, and several other visual preferences, like the theme.

The premium version comes with advanced features, including exploit protection. This prevents attacks that use vulnerabilities and bugs within applications and systems. Malwarebytes also identifies and blocks browser lockers, prevents in-browser cryptojackers, as well as halts other scams attempting to take your personal information or money online. It also identifies and block phishing websites. Unfortunately, it’s not equipped with the type of identity theft protection its competitors do However, that’s likely to be changing soon, as it recently bought Cyrus Security, a company that offers those services.