In Persian weddings, there are numerous traditions that make the event exclusive. These include:

Khastegari (courtship)

It is a first level of the Iranian marriage traditions wherein the groom and his spouse and children visit the bride’s house with sweets in order to meet her parents and get their approval to interact in a online dating safety tips marriage ceremony. dating an iranian woman While this traditions is a bit less prevalent in modern times, it really is still performed on the day of involvement to show the couple’s specific decision to marry.

Baleh Boroon

After the Khastegari ceremony, there is also a traditional wedding party known as baleh boran, which usually consists of all the groom’s and bride’s close family members. This is the time for each families to meet up with and discuss all the important aspects of the wedding and future in concert.

Pa Takhti

In the morning of the marriage ceremony is “Pa Takhti, ” or a get together for the newly married couple. It is a great deal like an American bridal shower room and is an excellent and lighthearted affair.


After all of the festivals, the couple will probably be taken to the reception just where they will enjoy meals with their guests. They will receive gifts using their company family and friends and spend the remaining night moving and experiencing themselves.


The Persian wedding ceremony is often considered to be one of the most important portions of an Iranian matrimony. The wedding service reflects on unity, love, nature, and spirituality. It really is saved in front of any sofreh, meaning spread, which can be laden with intricate components that hold abundant symbolism.