With the rise of flexible working practices, teams are collaborating across distances and time zones more than ever. This requires the transfer of large files between colleagues working remotely. However traditional methods for sharing files aren’t always the most secure. In fact, it’s easy for employees to share sensitive documents containing intellectual property and other data to the wrong people either by mistake or in a deliberate manner.

Uncontrolled information transfers can put your business at risk of costly fines and harm to its reputation if it doesn’t implement the appropriate security measures. It’s therefore important to set up the right system that allows you to control the manner in which files are shared with partners and customers and within your own company.

To prevent the risks associated uncontrolled sharing of files, your organization should select a platform which offers granular security monitoring and granular access control. You can make sure that only people who have the appropriate authorizations are dataroomindex.org/why-enterprises-face-problems-with-file-sharing/ able to access specific folders and files and any changes made to the file. A platform that offers enterprise content services can also provide an audit log that is centrally managed which makes it simple to monitor user history and identify issues, like privacy violations or non-compliance.

Find a program that is easy to use and can be integrated into your workflow. Be sure not to pay for features that you don’t require. If you’re considering using a portal for client files ensure that the application offers options like custom branding and easy setup for your clients.