Board Management

Boardroom technology is the meeting equipment which supports an organization’s meeting and collaboration. A traditional conference room includes a boardroom, TV or projector, as well as a whiteboard. Modern boardrooms are transforming, featuring high-tech furniture as well as interactive conference solutions.

While it may seem like the latest technology in boardrooms is an additional method to distract employees from their work It’s actually a tool that improves efficiency and communication between teams. From smart windows that adjust to block out light during a meeting to a remote management of boards solution We’ve highlighted the technology you can incorporate into your conference rooms to speed up meetings and increase productivity.

A digital boardroom can digitize all your meeting processes. This includes the storage of board documents on one platform that directors can access during virtual meetings. Directors can prepare for meetings, and also offers a forum to discuss important organizational issues and suggestions.

A digital whiteboard integrated into your meeting space gives your team a more productive collaborative experience. It has powerful features such as HD video conferencing and touch screen technology that has high resolution and customizable applications. You can even connect your meeting space to the Dialpad + Miro integration that gives you real-time hybrid work experiences. This feature is perfect for huddle rooms which require more flexibility than traditional conference room presentations. This feature reduces the amount of clutter and the requirement for adapters and cables by enabling a system that is wireless and does not require a hard-wired connection.