Board portals are a central repository for all information related to boards. They enable directors to access current and relevant information from any place. They can prepare for meetings, manage their tasks and collaborate with colleagues on projects. Board members can be authorized to sign documents with digital signatures. This will eliminate the need for costly printing and distribution.

Implementing a board portal can help organisations save money and resources while increasing their efficiency and effectiveness. It is essential to think about the specific requirements of your organization when selecting the best board management software. Choose a vendor with a competitive price and solutions that meet the needs of your board.

In the past, Boards used to receive paper-based meeting packs for board meetings via courier, which would take days to be delivered and opened. A portal for boards can cut the time to just a few hours and provide agendas, presentations report and other documents to attendees instantly. The board portal can also be used to host video-telephony meetings, providing a unified experience for directors.

It is crucial that the portal chosen for board use is secure. This includes features such as encryption of data and password complexity control, and also tracking users’ activities to minimize the risk of unauthorized access. It should also be able to demonstrate compliance with industry standards, such as ISO 27001, SOC 2 certifications, and facilities that provide physical and procedural security.